- where the climax of masterdebation is in your hands
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Masterdebation (mass·ter·de·bay·shun) - The process of controlling an argument while discussing opposing points.

Welcome to! is the place where people bring their disputes for resolution. What we do here is create new, and reply to, existing debates about past issues, current issues or anything that you feel is important to debate about. If you're involved in a disagreement, master debate it! Bring it here to! We have master debaters ready to argue for your point - or in some cases, against it! Choose your debate carefully! After all, the climax of masterdebation is in your hands...

Are you a master debater? I know I am. I grew up in an environment where people argued constantly. Even now as an adult, I live in an atmosphere where people argue for the sport of it. People love to win, and as long as this remains true, there will always be debate. As long as you feel you're right and someone else is wrong, you will have the desire to be a master debater.

Have you been master debating? Yes? Great! You'll fit right in with our online community. No? Well then maybe it's time you get started. There's no time like the present to start master debating! Come on! Everybody does it! It's nothing to be ashamed of! And now, you can be open about your master debating habits from work, home, school, public transportation - wherever you have an internet connection. You can master debate with people from everywhere on the planet. People from all walks of life are here to master debate with you. Have you ever master debated over the phone? Well now you can master debate online.

If it seems a little slow at first, it's because we've only just begun master debating. I think this is a fairly new and original concept - you'll understand once things get going. It's never been this easy to master debate! Our message board is state of the art! This website is still in beta (master beta, if you will) so we'll have something more appealing for you in the coming days...

Stay tuned for group master debation and master debate teams!

Would you like to sign up and master debate with us? Or would you just like to watch other people master debate?

Latest Update: The forum community is closed due to excessive spam. We'll consider re-opening it when we can find volunteer moderators.

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